27.05.2005 born 7 kittens H-litter

Parents :



             IC. Arquette Cat Cabaret              CH.Z.Z.Top of Gentle Lions                   

pedigree  of kittens

photos of parents





Huckelberry Silvi-Cola*PL -  red tabby with white  -boy - sold to Poland





Hullabaloo Silvi-Cola*PL  ds22 - red silver tabby -boy - sold to Austria





Honey Moon  Silvi-Cola*PL- d22-red tabby - boy - sold to Austria





Hugger Mugger Silvi-Cola*PL   -ns22 - black silver tabby- boy- sold to Finland





Hurly Burly  Silvi-Cola*PL -  n22 -  black tabby -girl - sold to Poland






Hurdy Gurdy Silvi-Cola*PL -f22 - tortie tabby- girl - sold to Spain






Hazel Nut  Silvi-Cola*PL- fs22 -tortie silver tabby -girl - sold to Russia